Maine coon


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We are a cattery in Ostrava established in 2006 and we breed cat breed Maine Coon cat. We are members of ZO 1SKO, SCHKO and FIFE. Our breedings have been living in many countries around the world.

We prefer a smaller number of animals and litters and we primarily strive for a healthy, strong and very good type of the kittens. Our cats are full members of our household with free access to the entire house. The most important thing for us is to ensure our cats and their kittens healthy and happy life, therefore we choose the new family for our kittens very carefully.

Kittens for pet leave us neutered – we know that it is a topic of long debates, we proceed from the views of veterinarians specialized in felines and from our own experience. Also, we thus avoid all growers and crooks who do not think it with our kittens well – so please no discussions…

All kittens are vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, with Europass / Vaccination Card and pedigree and after tested parents.

Write us whenever you want to ask something. We will be glad to welcome you personally, please arrange the visit in advance by phone or e-mail.