, chovatelská stanice mainských mývalích koček - maine coon - Pedigree - Lin


A-Winerau´s X-Ray                 WW'04, SW'04, CFA, EC 
                                                    My Maine av Persicum DSM, DM  






GIC St.John´s Avalon

CH Coonyham Buster Brown



IC Quiggley of Magic Lake

MCO ns 09 22

Colocoons Silver Sprite



MCO d  22

CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa

Witchcats Smoke on the Water


A-Winerau´s X-Ray


MCO fs 22

Witchcats Little Hellfire


MCO d 22


DK Aloa´s Nifty Wolf

CH DK Allycoons Bright Star



Justcoons Crazy Diamond

MCO as

DK Mountaineer´s Wannaway Jezebel




Langstteich´s No´Velle

Langstteich´s P´Non Pluss Ultra





Langstteich´s DD´Ambiente




IC (N) Arctic Coon´s Bandidoz

Guldfakse’s Tuscon of Sarafina



(N) Arctic Coon´s Gallatazzarai

MCO d 22

IC S Glowcoon´s Blue Pigeon


WW´O4, SW´O4, EC 

MCO n 22

(N) Arctic Coon´s Cornelia Cacao

Thundercats Welcome To The Future


My Maine av Persicum DM, DSM


MCO n 22

CH Kititas Kattinka


MCO f  22


Hillside Vincent

CH Hillside Debonaire Dude



IC (N) Honey Hill´s LITA(O)GO

MCO n 22

Hillside Lady Spice



MCO f 22

GIC S Glowcoon´s Dark Papoose

EC DK Cozy Farm Utility




MCO f 22

GIC DK Cozy Farm Whitney Houston